Poster presentation

Invited Speakers:

  • Kodjo Agbossou, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Canada
    Renewable energy system integration and automotive application challenges based on hydrogen
  • Huiwon Jeong,University of  Ulsan, Korea
    The electrochemical performance of Li2Cu 1-xZnxO2 as cathode for lithium ion batteries
  • Dong Hyup Jeon, Dongguk University at Gyeongju, Korea
    Particle Mixing in a Taylor-Couette Reactor
  • Aikebaier Yusufu, Osaka University, Japan
    Thermoelectric properties of Cu1-xAgxGaTe2
  • Martin Ntwaeaborwa, University of the Free State,South Africa
     P3HT:PBCM Based Solar Cells: A short review focusing on ZnO Nanoparticles Buffer Layer, Post-fabrication Annealing and an Inverted Geometry
  • Guanghe Li,ccOsaka University, Japan
    Thermoelectric Properties of Group 13 Elements Filled Skutterudites
  • Youling Wang,INRS-EMT,Canada
    Nanostructured anode catalysts for direct ethanol fuel cells
  • Soonho Won,Korea Institute of Materials Science,Korea
    Study on the Si Solar Cell using Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy (S. Won, J. Choi, S. Cho, Y. Rhyim, J. Heo)
  • Yueming Li,Yanshan University,China
    Hierarchical porous graphene building with polystyrene microspheres
  • Hlaing Hlaing Mint,Tokyo Institute of Technology,Japan
    Milled Rice Straw Powder Dissolution Rates Above 100°C in an Ionic Liquid
  • Min-Hsing Chang,Tatung University, Taiwan
    Optimal synthesizing ratio of Pt/CNT and Nafion content in the cathode catalyst layer of a PEM fuel cell
  • Soowon Heo,Konkuk University,Korea
    Efficient Flexible Hybrid Quantum Dot-Organic Solar Cells using an Indium–Zinc–Tin Oxide Transparent Anode at low processing temperature.
  • Yong Woon Han,Konkuk University,Korea
    Enhanced Performance in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells by Introducing a Flexible Indium-Zinc-Tin Oxide Electrode under Low Temperature Processing
  • Marek Malinowski,Electrotechnical Institute,Poland
    Polymer solar and fuel cells based on polyazomethines
  • Kang O Kim,University of Ulsan,Korea
    Cu-Ag Alloy Electrodeposited in Electrolyte Recovered from Hard Metal Scraps for Energy Storage Device Application
  • Bora Ye,University of Ulsan,Korea
    Synthesis of Porous Cu-Sn Alloy Anode on Polyurethane Template by Electrochemical Method
  • Young-Kwon Park,University of Seoul, Korea
    Pyrolysis and Co-pyrolysis of Laminaria japonica and Polypropylene over Mesoporous Al-SBA-15 Catalysts
  • Seonhye Park,UNIST, Korea
    Optimization of trade-off relation between electrochemical performance and thermal expansion for Co-based cathode material for IT-SOFC
  • Martin Ntwaeaborwa,Unicersity of The Free State,South Africa
    P3HT:PBCM Based Solar Cells: A short review focusing on ZnO Nanoparticles Buffer Layer, Post-fabrication Annealing and an Inverted Geometry
  • R. T. Chaudhari,Commerce and Science College,India
    Thermoelectric power (TEP) measurement of gel grown barium oxalate crystal
  • Da-Jeong Ryu,University of Ulsan,Korea
    The electrochemical performance of recovered tin oxides as anode from spent petroleum catalysts with different binder
  • Seongho Choi,Osaka University,Japan
    Thermoelectric properties of Tl-filled p-type skutterudites

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