Invited Speaker:

  • Iftikhar Ahmad, University of Malakand, Pakistan
    Effectiveness of DFT calculations in the bandgaps of the strongly correlated II-chalcogenides
  • Masaru ANIYA, Kumamoto University, Japan
    Peculiar Mixed Conduction in Cu and Ag Chalcogenides
  • Sergey Danilkin, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Australia
    Crystal Structure, Lattice Dynamics and Ionic Transport in Cu-based Chalcogenides
  • Inga Leinemann, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
    Study of chemical pathway for quaternary chalcogenide compound solar cell absorber material formation in molten salts
  • BC Ranu, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, India
    Synthesis of Chalcogenides involving  nanoparticles
  • Rodney Soukup, University of  Nebraska-Lincoln, USA
    Iron Pyrite (FeS2), Promise and Problems for Photovoltaic Applications
  • R.K. Thapa, Mizoram University, India
    Physical, electronic, magnetic and optical properties of neodymium chalcogenides

Workshop Chairs:

  • Zhiming M. Wang, Institute of Semiconductors CAS, China

Workshop Assistants:

  • Xingliang Xu, Institute of Semiconductors CAS, China
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